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  • All You Need To Know About Blue World City Sports Valley Block

    Blue World City Sports Valley
    Blue World City Sports Valley

    Sports Valley Block is a recently introduced block in the Blue World City. We all know that the first tourist-built city in Islamabad is the mutual project of the Blue Group of companies and the Imperium group of companies. Both these developers want to make society the number one tourist destination. So, they handed over the contract for the development of this project to a Chinese company. Although there are many blocks, we will discuss all of the Blue World City Sports Valley Block. So, let’s begin:

    Blue World City Sports Valley Block

    Sports Valley Block is a new block added to the Master plan of the Blue World City. Before the announcement of this block, there were already several blocks in a society designed for various purposes. The developers of Blue World City aim to develop world-class structures for all kinds of investors and residents. 

    If we talk about the other blocks of Blue Word City, there is the general block, overseas block, Awami Complex, waterfront district, and Hollywood Block. All these blocks were designed and developed for specific reasons, and after the great development of all these blocks, the developers are now back with the Sports valley block.  

    Location Highlights

    If we talk about the location of the Blue World City Sports Valley Block, it is present in the BWC in Islamabad with several prominent landmarks in the surrounding area. The location is ideal as it attracts many investors and tourists from all over the world. So, the Sports Valley location is not a point to concern and worry about.

    Purpose of Development 

    The purpose of developing a sports valley in Blue World City is that this block will attract many investors and tourists from all over the world. As the name indicates, it will become the largest block in the society for sports enthusiasts, with all the facilities related to sports available in the block.

    In addition, Pakistan’s largest Cricket stadium will also be built in this valley. The stadium’s development is big news because it is anticipated that the spectators holding capacity of the stadium will be 55,000, which will break the record of all previously present stadiums in the country. 

    Furthermore, there will be more capacity in the parking area. So, we can say that Blue World City Sports Valley Block will feature Pakistan’s number one cricket stadium that will break the record of all previously established stadiums. So, the developers’ vision to boost tourism in the country will be fulfilled with this sport valley block. 

    Not only the cricket stadium but the blue world city sports valley developers also intended to develop other sports facilities in society so that people can enjoy all their favorite sports. In addition, you will see replicas of Torch Hotel, Villaggio Mall, and Open Air Gymnasiums. The other highlighted features of the sports valley block are:

    • School
    • Commercial Hubs
    • Recreational Parks
    • Hiking Trails
    • Bowling Alley
    • Hospital

    Blue World City Sports Valley NOC

    Now comes the most important point about the Blue World City Sports Valley NOC. So, the great update is that this new block has a valid No Objection Certificate which means that it is safe for all investments and legal for all development and construction work.

    When developers start work on a new project, they get approval from the relevant authorities. They prepare all the required documents and then submit them to the authorities for approval. The owner has to take permission for the construction and development of any project in any society. For example, in Blue World City Sports Valley Block, the developers take approval from the Rawalpindi Development Authority. 

    Master Plan

    When it comes to the master plan or division of the sports, the valley block is divided into various categories. The master plan of the sports valley block is designed by experienced engineers and architects with several years of expertise in urban planning and development. The planners have ensured that all types of facilities and amenities will be a part of the sports valley block. 

    Moreover, you can also get residential plots in the most amazing Blue World City Sports Valley block. The available plots for sale in this block are 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Also, Torch Hotel, Blue Mosque, and Villaggio Mall are included in the Master plan of the sports valley. 

    Blue World City Sports Valley Facilities

    The second most important point about the Sports valley is the available facilities and amenities. In addition to modern amenities and luxuries, you will find all the daily life facilities in the sports valley. It is a full package that offers you all you need to live in society. In addition, if we talk about investment options, you will get a high return on your investments in the future because the value of the area will increase over time. After developing all these world-class attractions, the value will touch the sky. 

    Another area of Blue World City that is thought to have been specifically designed for tourists and sports fans is the Sports Valley Block. The project is the ideal location to encourage a healthy atmosphere for Pakistani sports and tourism. A stadium designed for cricket will also be constructed, parking 15,000 cars.

    Apartments and commercial spaces will surround this top-notch cricket stadium for residents and guests. Additionally, eco-friendly recreation parks, volleyball, futsal courts, basketball, badminton, tennis, a gym, a bowling alley, cycling tracks, and hiking trails will be available in the Blue World City Sports Valley Block.


    In this blog, we have tried to discuss the Blue World City Sports Valley Block and its facilities and amenities. We have discussed how this block will change the tourism history of the country and how it will boost the economy of the country. So, it is the best time to invest in it and get a high profit in the future. Also, we suggest you look in Rudn Enclave, another best housing ventures in Rawalpindi.

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