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  • Types of Computer Cables and Connectors

    We would like to welcome the users to this guide where we are going to tell the users about type of computer cables that the users might need to know. Over the years we have known that there are many kinds of cables that have been invented and then are invented as well. So, let us begin to know about them so that the users can access them anytime they want. 

    Cable Standards 

    To know the best pc connectors users can identify the good cables with the help of the standard codes, and here are some of the standard codes which the users can use – 

    IEEE also identified as an institute of electrical and electronics engineers 

    USB IF is also known as USB implementers frontier 

    RJ also known as registered jack 

    IEC also known as the international electro technical commission 

    Gender (Male – female) 

    There is also gender in the world of connectors which the users can use like – 

    Male is referred to the part to the side with pins of connectors whereas Female part is referred to the side which is respectable. 

    And if the users are thinking that it is an adult thing, then yes it is an adult thing and now that the users are done with the basics let us move ahead to know more about computer cord types and connectors about which the users need to know. 

    No. 1 – Video Graphics Array 

    No. 2 – Digital visual interface (DVI)

    No. 3 – High definition multimedia interface (HDMI)

    HDMI type can be A which is full-sized HDMI and is also used on desktops as well as some laptops. 

    Mini HDMI type C can be used for smaller tablets as well as for ultrabooks 

    Macro HDMI type D can be used by users for mobile devices which means it comes in handy for users 

    No. 4 – Display port 

    No. 5 – Parallel 

    No. 6 Serial 

    No. 7 – Personal system/ 2 (PS/2)

    No. 8 – Universal serial Bus (USB)

    For USB 1.0 is type A, and for USB 2.0 there are type A, type B, type B mini, Type B macro, and lastly for USB 3.0 there are Type A, type B, type B macro, and type C. 

    No. 9 – Firewire (IEEE 1394)

    No. 10 – Thunderbolt 

    Thunderbolts are of three types which are thunderbolt 1, thunderbolt 2, and thunderbolt 3. 

    No. 11 – Lightening 

    No. 12 – 3.5 MM audio jack 

    No. 13 – Optical Fiber audio cable 

    No. 14 – Ethernet 

    No. 15 – Telephone 

    No. 16 – Fiber optic cable 

    No. 17 – Power cords 

    No. 18 – DC barrel jack 

    We hope that the information which we have mentioned in this blog for the users has been quite helpful for them and they were able to use this information about computer connectors whenever they want to use them. We also hope that the users go the best knowledge from this blog and they can also share this information with people who need them and are willing to know about the connectors.

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