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  • Everything You Need to Know About Neon Light 

    Neon Signs


    The first thing that comes to mind once you hear the words customized neon lights are storefront signs. When an electric current flows through these customized LED lights, they emit a luminous red-orange glow. Neon emits a reddish glow by nature, but by combining neon with other substances, you can create over 150 different colors. Because of this, customized neon lights are ideal for the marketing industry because they easily catch the eye of passersby.  

    Although customized neon lights are commonly used for advertising, they are also used for car engine lights and as light emitters for high-intensity lasers and lamps. Customized neon lights have a lot of benefits. One can use customized neon lights either for their business or at their home.  

                                             What Is A Neon Light?  

    Customized neon lights were named after neon, an odorless and colorless noble gas that is rare in the earth’s atmosphere. Conventional customized neon lights use a small amount of neon gas and emit a reddish-orange glow, but as previously stated, other chemicals and gases are used to produce other colors for customized LED lights.  

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    Customized neon lights are typically made of glass tubes that can be fashioned into various artistic shapes to create letter pictures. These customized LED lights are widely used in the production of multicolored and dramatic advertising signages known as neon signs.  

    History Behind Neon Signs  

    Although Sir William Ramsay, a Scottish chemist, found the element Neon, it was Georges Claude (a French engineer as well as inventor) who saw neon light’s commercial potential.  

    Georges Claude spent several years perfecting manufacturing techniques to create neon tube lighting that has a long service life and does not flicker. In 1910, he demonstrated the first neon tube illumination at the Paris Motor Show. Customized neon lights have since gained popularity in a variety of industries.  

                                                Perks Of Using A Neon Light  

    Here are the main reasons why many businesses prefer customized neon lights to other types of lighting:  

    1. Long Life Expectancy 

    While standard light bulbs have a service life of 6 months to 1 year on average, customized neon lights can last 5 to 10 years. When properly maintained, customized LED lights can last up to 20 years. Aspects such as susceptibility to electrical currents and heat exposure, which can cause deterioration of the light’s electrical wiring, usually shorten the lifespan of customized neon lights. Customized LED lights are, however, easier to maintain than other options that require frequent bulb replacements.  


    1.  Energy-Saving 

    Because neon lighting options generate light through the interaction of electricity and gas, customized neon lights use significantly less energy than traditional lights. Conventional lights use electricity as a light source, whereas customized neon lights use electricity’s energy to produce light. Furthermore, it is approximated that customized neon lights can save up to 50% more energy than other types of lighting. Dimmers can even be installed on your customized LED neon lights to further reduce their energy consumption.  

    1. Adjustable 

    This is one of the most obvious benefits of customized neon lights. Customized neon lights allow for greater design flexibility. Because the glass tubes used in customized neon lights are bendable, they can be molded into any desired design. Expert neon light manufacturers can shape customized neon lights into a variety of designs to suit your company’s aesthetic. Furthermore, customized neon lights are available in a variety of vibrant colors to suit the needs of any business.  

    1.  Exceptional Visibility 

    The power of customized neon lights to make a place stand out is one of the primary reasons why many businesses are drawn to them. In contrast to other types of lights, such as directional LED lights, customized LED lights can provide 360-degree illumination. As a result, customized neon lights can be seen from afar. Of course, the size of your customized neon sign might very well determine how far it can be seen. In general, a one-inch letter height can be seen from up to 30 feet away, while larger customized neon lights can be seen from up to 100 feet away.  

    1. A Wide Range of Operating Conditions 

    Traditional lighting necessitates the use of standard electrical sources. Customized LED lights, on the other hand, can operate at a variety of voltages. Because a customized neon sign is flexible in terms of power sources and structure types, lighting designers can focus more on creative lighting approaches while working on a customized neon sign.  


    Behind The Making Of Neon Lights  


    So, how do customized LED lights get made? Filling a glass tube with neon gas produces neon lights. However, by combining neon with other gases, you can create a wide range of colors. The following are the common gases used in the manufacture of customized LED lights, along with their characteristics:  


    • Neon 

    As previously stated, pure neon emits a red glow at normal levels. Customized LED lights with higher levels of neon gas will then have pink or duller red colors.  


    • Krypton 

    Krypton emits a white-yellow glow, which is why it is used in the production of a wide range of colors in a customized neon sign. When adding krypton into lighting tubes to achieve the desired color, craftsmen typically use colored glass.  


    • Xenon 

    When xenon is mixed with other gases, it emits a dark lavender glow that produces a rainbow of colors in a customized neon sign.   


    • Helium 

    Manufacturers of customized LED lights for colder climates add helium, argon, and mercury vapor to the tube to accelerate heating. Helium emits a pink-red glow.  


    • Argon 

    Craftspeople typically combine mercury vapor and argon to produce more vibrant blue colors. Manufacturers will sometimes paint the inside of the glass tube with UV-sensitive phosphors to create different colors. Argon gas is most likely present in a customized neon sign with clear, fizzy coloring in blue, white, yellow, or green.  


    • Mercury Vapor  

    The majority of neon lights use either mercury vapor or neon, depending on the color desired by the manufacturer (warm or cool base colors). Manufacturers typically use mercury instead of neon for cool colors such as purple and green to make a customized neon sign or more.  


    How Do Neon Signs Work  


    Both ends of neon tubes have electrodes. They can operate on either DC or AC. When they use direct current, however, folks can only see the radiance surrounding one of their electrodes. This is why most neon lights are driven by alternating currents.  


    An electric current passing through the terminals accumulates enough energy to remove the outer electrons from the neon gas atoms. If insufficient voltage is applied the neon light will not glow since the kinetic energy produced is insufficient to cause electrons to escape from neon atoms.  


    The negative terminal of the tube attracts positively charged atoms, while the positive terminal attracts electrons that have escaped from the atoms. The light circuit is now complete. As the atoms move through the tube, they collide and transmit power to other atoms. This produces a lot of heat. By releasing energy (photons/light), the heat causes the electrons to return to their original state.  


    A customized neon sign is a beneficial investment. Neonza’s customized neon is not just affordable but durable, long-lasting, and stable as well. You won’t need to worry about your customized neon sign flickering. Lighting up the night sky and making your dull evenings brighter than ever before, our customized neon sign is just the thing you’re looking for! 

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  • Gaming Neon Signs

    LED gaming neon signs give off a cool retro glow. Moreover, these signs are durable enough to last for over seven years. You can also personalize them by adding a name or tag of your favorite gamer. Moreover, you can install them on your wall as wall signs. The benefits of LED gaming neon signs are numerous: they last for more than seven years, are easy to customize, and look cool in any environment.

    LED gaming neon signs provide a cool retro glow

    LED gaming neon signs are a great way to give your game room a retro feel. These signs come in a variety of colors and designs, and they’ll provide your game room with a cool retro glow. There are even options for schedules, so you can program when your sign goes on and off.

    Streamers and gamers are known to be huge fans of sci-fi movies. Fans of such movies can buy LED neon signs featuring their favorite characters or series. Younger streamers may opt for superheroes and comic book characters.

    They can be made into wall signs

    If you are a gamer and looking for a unique gift for a gamer, consider a gaming neon sign. These light signs are an excellent alternative to name signs and gamertag signs. Not only do they look great in a gamer’s game room, but they also make great personalized gifts.

    You can buy LED gaming neon signs in many different colors and styles. They are the most energy-efficient type of neon and are suitable for outdoor use. They can also be used in bars, arcade businesses, and tattoo parlors. Plus, they are very affordable, and you won’t have to worry about paying the electricity bill or paying for maintenance.

    They can be personalized with a gamer name or tag

    Customized gaming neon signs can be a great way to create a unique game room decor. The gaming name or tag can be added to the sign to make it more personal. These light signs can also enhance a gamer’s reaction time by providing an exciting environment.

    If you’re looking for a unique personalized gift for a gamer, consider investing in a gaming name or tag neon sign. These fun neon letter signs can be found in different colors and fonts, so you can create something unique for the recipient.

    They last for more than seven years

    Gaming neon signs are durable and easy to install. They come with an acrylic backboard with pre-drilled holes and can be mounted anywhere. Many online neon sign sellers include an installation kit with the sign to make the process easy. They are also very affordable and can last more than seven years.

    LED gaming neon signs have much longer life than traditional neon signs. They also don’t need any maintenance. You can expect a gaming neon sign to last for seven years or more, depending on use and care.

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