Functions of the School Management System

  • Functions of the School Management System

    School management system refers to management software that can digitize all areas of school administration through one platform. Schools and universities have started to implement school enterprise resource planning systems to digitize their processes. School ERP capabilities help streamline all aspects of day-to-day school management.


    School management software features include innovative technology to create a secure system that enables virtual management of school data and resources and improves overall efficiency. When looking for the best ERP, it’s good to talk about the features and modules that every school management system should have.

    Here is a list of school management system modules;

    Application management module;

    The application phase is characterized by parents and students struggling with school applications, admission documents and receipts to process multiple applications and send acceptance letters on time. The application module completes the entire process online, enabling online registration and remote submission of applications and required documents. Forms can be created to display candidate profiles, forms can be tracked and timely reminders can be sent to complete forms on time. You can also help students stay up to date with application results and pay online. This module also creates a transparent, paperless and fast way to register applicants and search teams from application to hire.

    Student management module;

    This management module is one of the core modules of the school ERP and helps educational institutions to create a 360-degree profile of each student during their visit to the school. Personal and family information, demographic information, instant messaging information, medical information, academic information, extracurricular activities and achievements, attendance information, etc. This information can be used to create student cards and send updates to parents about attendance, school participation and payment expectations. Teachers or school administrators can easily use this information to review and update student and school information and determine how they can best help their students learn and succeed.

    Learning management module;

    The learning management module is responsible for the learning activities of the educational institution. Create rich learning content for multiple courses, courses, and chapters over a term or semester. This module efficiently organizes all aspects of the academic calendar, creating grades and exams, scheduling lectures, setting up automatic online lectures, assessing students and creating their grades and grades.

    Digital asset management module;

    The Digital Resources module automates the secure management of any library or university’s digital resources. This includes books, videos, audio files, magazines, newsletters and photo albums. Subject to availability, students can use electronic digital learning resources and borrow and return materials.

    Communication module;

    The special communication function of the school management system enables personal communication between teachers, administration and students. This feature helps build systems that can handle multiple requests and responses, route them to the right department, and send consistent messages and responses in a timely manner, reducing delays in resolving requests or other issues. It can be used for attendance notifications and alerts, trial periods, pending payments, assessment courses, holidays, school festivals and other important events.

    Marketing automation module;

    One of the most valuable parts of the school management software is a module that enables full automation of school marketing. Online opportunities allow you to create a highly personalized marketing journey for each potential student. Marketing automation modules from school management system vendors like Ken42 use artificial intelligence technology to generate highly detailed analytics reports that determine how likely a customer is to convert. You can use this information to create customized emails and text messages to effectively target key Demographics and significantly increase the ROI of your marketing efforts.

    Financial management module;

    The financial module digitizes all financial functions of the department. Enables efficient management of company assets, payment and income processing, debt settlement, financial transactions, tax exemptions and payroll. Preparation of financial statements, budgets and other internal reports can be done remotely using one system.

    Teacher management module;

    The purpose of this module is to help educational institutions take a holistic view of their faculties. Schools have recognized the importance of teacher management systems. Students and faculty can easily access each faculty member’s personal information, career, work history, salaries and performance reviews.

    Exam management module;

    Online testing infrastructure has now become a necessity for all schools and colleges. The test management module provides a practical solution to this problem. You can create timed tests with features that support written, math, visual, video and even audio questions. School management app software includes a real-time AI testing feature that helps maintain the academic integrity of online testing.

    Vehicle module;

    The traffic management module can ensure smooth travel for students. This module has RFID-based technology that can be used to track school vehicles. Geolocation is used to create accurate school bus routes that help parents and school administrators avoid traffic delays, delays and more. help Help prevent this. Provides real-time notifications.

    Government contract;

    Important changes have been made to training contracts that make the contract management module useful. Assists in preparation of accommodation reports, maintenance of infrastructure as per official requirements and preparation of official NAAC NIRF reports and other performance reports.

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