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  • Patience and Kindness in Dog Training in Bangkok

    When you’re thinking about training your dog in Bangkok, consider taking your dog to a professional dog trainer. A Bangkok dog trainer will help you learn how to communicate with your animal and set goals for your dog’s behaviour. These trainers will also teach you how to communicate with your dog and be a better owner.

    Be the alpha in dog training

    While alpha dog training is becoming popular, it can also be extremely harmful. Many experts are recommending a different approach. Some prefer positive reinforcement dog training, while others say that alpha training should be avoided altogether. Whatever your preference, it is vital to have patience and confidence as you work to train your dog.

    Alpha dog training in Bangkok is based on the theory that dogs look for a strong leader to follow. However, this theory has been criticized due to flawed research on captive wolves done in the 1970s by US Geological survey scientist David Mech. This study caused a firestorm in the dog training world.


    Patience is an important skill in dog training bangkok, as it will keep you focused on the goal of training your dog. Patience is vital in combating many types of behaviour problems, including excitability and reactiveness. It can also help your dog improve their overall temperament. Using patience can help your dog become a more obedient and well-mannered dog.

    While training your dog, keep in mind that it may seem like a simple process, but different situations call for different levels of patience. For example, your dog may have to wait for you to prepare his food without jumping on the counter, or he may need to wait for an activity to finish. Be sure to teach your dog patience when it is a positive experience for him.


    Using kindness in dog training is an excellent way to motivate your dog to perform new tasks. This type of training is also beneficial for your relationship with your dog. When you use positive reinforcement, your dog will be more likely to come when you call and is more likely to stick with you. This is also a fun way to train your dog because it will leave each session on a high.

    A recent study by Ana Catarina Vieira de Castro highlights the importance of positive training methods. According to her findings, dogs show stress under mild aversive training situations. Dogs in these environments had higher cortisol levels and were more pessimistic after training.


    Dog owners in Bangkok can find a variety of options when it comes to communication and dog training services. Some training centers specialize in behaviour modification and offer a variety of courses tailored to the specific needs of your dog. These courses can help you better understand and communicate with your dog. Many of these courses also involve extensive training sessions.

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