Heavy Rain Game Free Download Full Version For PC

Heavy Rain game is a free computer Windows game that belongs to Action Gaming Category. This gaming product was developed by Quantic Dream, and released in 2020. the game has no new sequel, so this version is the only sequel yet. This game is about finding a well-known killer “Origami Killer”, and preventing him to kill anyone else in the city. The gameplay of the game is similar to Max Payne 1 Game, although the current game is the representation of modern gaming while Max Payne is quite an old product in the gaming world.Heavy Rain Game Free Download For PC Full Version

Heavy Rain Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Heavy Rain setup requires 15 GB of disk space, so we should immediately provide the highly compressed pack of Heavy Rain PC Gaming product since not every user can download a 15 GB Setup file, and it will require an additional 20 GB for the installation, so the total number of required space is 35 GB, and make sure that you’ve kept 35 GB disk space free. Heavy Rain Game could be downloaded using the direct IDM link or torrent downloader such as Utorrent etc.

Heavy Rain PC Game Features

Full of Puzzle & Challenges

We should let you know that if you’re willing to play this game, this product has infinite puzzles & challenges ahead, so be ready to confront all those challenges. You might confront hundreds of enemies in it, so you should kill them using a strategy because if you don’t work on a strategy before implementation, your mission would turn bogus.

Kill Serial Killer “Orgami Killer”

Origami Killer is the Boss Enemy in the gameplay plot. You will be confronting him in the boss stage. He is the killer of many persons, and it is your job to kill him as soon as possible because if he survives, then he will target a lot of new victims, and cause terror in the city.Download Heavy Rain Game For Windows 10 64bits

Highly Rated By Reviewing Website

We’re aware of many reviewing websites that allocate the score to every game depending on different aspects. The rating of every game is dependent on gameplay story, video graphics, characters, soundtrack & much more. The majority of reviewing websites have ranked it very higher than others. IGN awarded it 9/10, awarded it 8/10, GAMERGEN awarded it 9/10, and MYCOMPUTER.COM awarded it 8.1/10.

Awards Winning PC Game

This game has won numerous awards internationally. It has secured “The 2011 BAFTA Game Awards for Best Story”, “NAVGTR Awards”, “Interactive Achievement Awards” and “Orignal Music And Technical Innovation Awards”. We’ve named 4 different awards, and this game has secured all these mentioned awards within 3 years of its release.

Heavy Rain Pc Download Highly Compressed

4 Different Characters

There are 4 different characters available in the game. Of course, the gameplay skills are different for each character. The player can select any of the characters, and dive into the gameplay plot.

How To Install Heavy RAIN Game For PC?

  1. Get the game (HEAVY RAIN) from the given link below
  2. Turn off the “Real-Time Protection’ in Windows Defender
  3. Extract the “HEAVY RAIN” Rar format file using the WinRAR software
  4. Open the extracted folder, and extract the “AVENGERS_AIO_V.2.5” Rar Fille
  5. Open the “AVENGERS_AIO_V2.5” launcher, and click on the “Install” option to install Adobe Shockwave Player
  6. Now extract the “Extract Setup” Rar file, and open extracted folder
  7. Now run the “HEAVY-RAIN_Game_Install.exe” application, and it will create the “HEAVY-RAIN-Game_Setup_DVD” ISO file
  8. Now mount the ISO file using the Daemon tools Lite Software, and open the mounted DVD Drive
  9. Open the setup launcher, and it will take around 1 hour to install the HEAVY RAIN game successfully
  10. Open the “Crack” folder located in the Virtual DVD disk, and copy all the files of the “Crack” Folder
  11. Now paste the copied files into the game’s installation directory probably (C: Program Files/HEAVY RAIN) and run the game launcher

The installation method of the game is obviously easy, and there is a repetition of the previous installation procedures available for multiple PC games. The installation procedure of PC games is almost similar to each other, and there are a few changes in every installation procedure, but if you read the instructions only one time, you can easily install this game.

Heavy Rain Game System Requirements

The system requirements of Heavy Rain game are quite high because the game supports up to 4K video display for PC systems, so a game, with 4K resolution, obviously requires a high amount of PC specification to run on Windows. We recommend running this one on Core i5 Processor, and not less than Core i5 Processor.

  • Intel Core i5-4500 (4th Generation) Processor
  • Ram 8 GB DDR 3 (Level 2 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 30 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 2 GB (NVIDIA) for better performance
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Heavy Rain PC Game Download

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