Bionic Commando PC Game Free Download Full Version

Bionic Commando is a free PC game that belongs to Action Gaming Category. It was developed by Capcom in 2009. This game is based on Nathan “R.A.D” Spencer who is the leading character who you’re going to control in it. Well, This game is the remastered version of the 1988 NFS Bionic Commando Game, but we could not provide any other sequel of the gaming series, but Bulletstorm Game is the latest update on our website which belongs to Action Gaming Category.Bionic Commando Game Download For PC Full Version

Bionic Commando Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Bionic Commando game setup requires 4 GB of disk space, and the users can get the highly compressed version of this game, but we prefer to download the official version from this website because the users are reporting many bugs in Bionic Commando Highly Compressed, so we prefer you to get the official version, and successfully play it on your PC.

Bionic Commando PC Game Features

Nathan Spenser (Leading Character)

Nathan Spenser was a government agent who was working for the government of his country, but he was betrayed by the government, and the government officers took him to prison, and the court gives the decision to his death. As soon, as the day of his death arrives, the circumstances went bad since the terrorists of an organization started to assassinate & loot locals, and the government decided to release Nathan Spenser, and ask him to confront the terrorists to reclaim the peace in the country.

Safety Barriers

There are several safety barriers that are used to protect Nathan in the gameplay, and Nathan can also make counter-attacks against the enemies using the safety barriers. The player can make an attack while jumping, climbing, and running in the play.Bionic Commando Pc Game Highly Compressed Download

Bionic Arm Weapon

Well, there are some other weapons in it as well such as swords, blade sticks, etc, but Bionic Arm is a very efficient weapon in it since it helps to fight against the enemy from a close range. The bionic arm is also useful to through any object toward the enemy such as vehicles, iron, and many other things.Bionic Commando Game Free Download For Windows 10 64-bit

Some Other Popular Weapons

Well, Shotguns, sniper guns, riffles, Tungsten guns, prototype guns, and Missile launchers are the hot weapons in the game that Nathan Spenser can use in it. Tungsten Gun is less efficient among all since it fires the bullets with minimum speed, so they have less effect on the enemy while Prototype Gun is the most powerful gun because it fires the bullets with maximum speed, so its effect is more against the enemies.

How To Install Bionic Commando Game For PC?

  1. Get the game (Bionic Commando) from the given link
  2. Extract the “Bionic Commando” Game Rar file using WinRAR software, and open the extracted folder
  3. After extracting the folder, now extract a RAR file named “Disable Defender”
  4. Open the Disable Defender folder, and run the launcher
  5. Click on the “Disable Defender” option in the launcher of it
  6. Now go back to the main folder, and Extract the RAR file “Game_Install_Setup”
  7. Now open the “Bionic-Commando_Setup” launcher, and it will generate an ISO file
  8. Mount the ISO file using the Daemon Tools Lite Software
  9. Open mounted DVD Drive of Bionic Commando Game from “This PC” in Windows 8 and later versions
  10. Run the setup, and the setup may require 20 minutes to complete the installation
  11. Now open the folder “CODEX” placed under DVD Drive DIsk, and copy the files under the folder
  12. Paste the copied files into the installation folder of the Bionic Commando Game

The installation method of the Bionic Commando Game is quite easy to implement, and we’ve provided the steps to install the game. The mandatory steps are provided in sequence, so it’s our request to follow the sequence of installation steps.

Bionic Commando Game System Requirements

The game requirements of Bionic }Commando are very compromised, but you need at least 8 GB of free space on your Windows, then you can successfully download & Install the game on your PC. The user can run this game on a Core 2 Duo Processor easily.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Ram 6 GB DDR 2 (Level 1 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 8 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 256 MB for better performance
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Bionic Commando PC Game Download

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