WWE 2K22 Game Free Download For PC Full Version

WWE 2K22 is the latest update in the gaming history of the WWE series so far. It’s the end of 2022, and we’re expected to welcome the new sequel of the series within the next 2-3 months, and WWE Publisher releases a new update after every year, so the update for the current year has been introduced in the market.WWE 2K22 Game Free Download For PC Full Version

WWE 2K22 Game Free Download for PC Highly Compressed

The highly Compressed version is not only required for the WWE 2K22 version but all previous parts of the series are also provided in the highly compressed version. The game requires 60 GB of disk space including setup files + game installation. 30 GB of disk space is required just to download the game setup file, and more importantly, you should have 30 GB of internet data just to download it, so if you’ve limited internet data resources, it’s better not to download it or get the highly compressed version of it.

WWE 2K22 PC Game Features

Part of the WWE Gaming Series

The game is of course part of the official WWE Gaming Series. It is the latest update of the series. The publisher has launched more than 30 gaming parts only for Microsoft Windows OS. Our website has provided a lot of the popular parts. We’re missing WWE 2K17, and WWE 2k21 versions, but we’re determined to provide the missing products of the series soon. Previously, we updated WWE 2K20 game on our website, so get the 2k220 version from our website.

Several Editions of WWE 2K22

Since the popularity graph of the game has Skyrocket, so the number of updates for this game has been launched, and the popular updates are WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition and WWE 2K222 nOw Edition. These editions are also very popular, contain a lot of upgrades, and the prices of updated editions are higher than the original version.WWE 2k22 Game Download For PC

WWE 2K22 Roaster

The roaster of the game has been improved like every department of the game has been enhanced. There are a lot of upgrades in the WWE 2K222 roaster. Currently, there are 67 characters available in the recent update, and the number of characters was less in the initial update of WWE 2K22, but as time passes, they provide more characters in the game. The roaster of course includes all-time popular wrestlers such as The Rock, Brock Lesner, Batista, Undertaker, Kane, and John Cena. The game also contains some emerging players who are becoming popular in the industry, and in 2020, Nakamura wins the first Royal Ruble Title and gained too much popularity.

Gaming Modes

Gaming modes such as Royal Rumble, Money in the bank have been very common nowadays, and the publisher (2K) is releasing tons of new modes which are very outstanding to use, and these modes are not available in the original wrestling, but the publisher has introduced these amazing modes in the game.

MyRise Mode

MyRise mode is one of the popular modes available only in the WWE 2K22 game, and this mode never appeared in any other gaming part of the series. In MyRise Mode, you select a wrestler from the available list and compete with a lot of professional wrestlers in the game, and in return, you unlock a lot of locked Arenas (Stadiums) which are never revealed before, so there are a few new arenas which are specially designed for this game particularly.

Thunderdome Mode

Thunderdome mode includes the Arenas that don’t allow the crowd to watch the match physically, but they can appear on their allocated seats virtually, they actually use the screen of their camera, and their camera screens would be telecasted on their behalf of them. This concept came into the market when the Coronavirus made a chaotic situation globally, and the physical engagement was shut down completely, so the management of WWE Wrestling introduced a virtual crowd instead of the physical crowd for avoiding the Covid-19 risk. Thunderdome mode contains all those stadiums where the people are cheering their favorite superstars from their homes and watching the match on the TV screen.

Shortcut Keys

It’s becoming easy to make an attack against the opponent. Instead of pressing too many buttons to perform a specific task, the publisher has introduced shortcut keys for several actions such as Grabbing, Quick Strike, and many other features. The concept of Shortcut keys is not new but launched in the last version, but there are of course some improvements in it. Last time, two additional buttons were provided as shortcut keys, but now the number of shortcut keys has been increased.

Showcase Mode

Showcase mode is not new, but the showcase mode featuring Rey Mysterio this time, and you can watch the complete journey of his career starting from his debut match, all his popular matches, and his matches against popular wrestlers such as Undertaker, Kane, Randy Orton. The mode includes all the emotional scenes of his career and shows all the ups & downs of his career. You will surely like the journey of Rey Mysterio, and its journey film has been made perfectly, so it will give some entertainment for sure.

MyGM Mode

This model is very awesome because it lets you become the general manager of the WWE Industry. The feature was introduced a time ago in Smackdown VS Raw 2006 version initially, and it was part of a few later versions, but then it was dropped from the WWE Gaming Series. After 10 years, the 2K publisher has re-included this mode, but of course, there is too much difference in WWE 2K22 version. In the initial versions, it was containing a few options to manage in the game, but now a dozen of features are allowed to manage in this game. This mode is basically used to include/deploy any character from the roaster, match schedules, improve areas, and many other options. You can also decrease the level of any character based on overall rating & winning/losing percentage. In short, you’re the CEO of WWE in this mode.WWE 2k22 Game Download For PC Highly Compressed

4K Video Resolution Quality

Don’t you deserve 4K quality when installing a 60 GB game? Yes, you deserve the 4K video quality, and the publisher has provided the 4K video quality in this game, and actually, the 4K video resolution was introduced in WWE 2K21 version, but some improvements have been made as compared to the previous version. In this version, you get the vibe of real-wrestling scenes, and easily recognize the faces of superstars.

How To Install WWE 2K22 Game For PC?

  1. Get the game (WWE 2K22) from the given link
  2. Turn off the “Real-Time Protection” in Windows Defender Antivirus
  3. Extract the “WWE 2K22 Game” Rar file using the WinRAR software
  4. Open extracted folder, and run the “Install_Setup_Game.exe.” launcher of the “WWE 2K22”, and it will produce an ISO file named “Game_Setup_DVD”
  5. Now mount the ISO file (Game_Setup_DVD) using the Daemon Tools Lite software
  6. Open the virtual DVD drive of the WWE 2K22 game, and run the setup installation
  7. The setup installation will start and wait 2 hours to complete the setup installation
  8. Once, the installation is completed, now open the “Crack” folder, and copy the files available in the “Crack” folder
  9. Paste the files into the installation directory of the “WWE 2K22” game probably in C: Program Files/2K-WWE 2K22
  10. The shortcut game launcher will appear on Windows Desktop, now just open the launcher, and play the game

The installation method is a little bit difficult, but you’re installing a 60 GB game, so you can expect a little bit of technical installation method. Let me revise the steps you should perform before starting the installation. Download WinRAR & Daemon Tools Lite Software, and then turn off the antivirus if installed on your PC. Windows has its own in-built antivirus named “Windows Defender”, and it’s mandatory to turn off the Windows Defender. One more important thing is that the installation requires 2 hours approximately again depending on the PC’s performance, so don’t skip any step because a single step can trap you in the worst situation, and the game might not work, so pay attention when installing the game.

WWE 2K22 Game System Requirements

The system requirements of the game are of course high because you’re going to install a game that has 4K video quality, and was released in 2022, so you must have a special gaming PC setup to run the game. You can’t run it on an average gaming PC, you should have a PC with Ultra-High-Specifications.

  • Intel Core i7 10th Generation Processor
  • Ram 16 GB DDR 4 (Level 3 Memory
  • Hard Disk Space 60 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card Nvidia GTX 1080+ for better performance
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11 (64-Bit OS Recommended)

WWE 2K22 PC Game Download

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