Watch Dogs 2 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Watch dogs 2 is the second part of the Watch Dogs series. The first part is based on taking revenge by hacking the data of local residents of Chicago City. This version is acted by Marcus Holloway who is the leading character in it.

Watch Dogs 2 Download For Pc Highly Compressed

Watch Dogs 2 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Marcus Holloway is a professional hacker who is living in San Francisco USA. You, Marcus Holloway, are assigned the task to hack a system called “ctOS 2.0”. The purpose of hacking this system is to take advantage of it.

Watch Dogs 2 PC Game Features

Hacking Expert (Marcus)

Marcus Holloway who is the leading character in the game has some extraordinary skills in hacking. He does the hacking to achieve his personal goals.

Hacking ctOS2.0 System

The purpose of the game is to hack the ctOS2.0 system and the feature of ctOS2.0 is to monitor the residents of San Francisco and trick the people under the system. Marcus Holloway wants to use the system to achieve the ultimate goal.

Watch Dogs 2 Download For Pc Highly Compressed 500MB

Teaming up with Professional Hackers

At some point, he realized that hacking ctOS2.0 is impossible without engaging other Professional hackers, so he started to approach different hackers, and created a team of professional hackers who can help him to hack the ctOS2.0 system.

Action Thoroughly

The game is not bound to hacking only, but there is too much involvement of action & violence spread through weapons used in it. The hackers also have good skills in shooting the guns, but I must say that they have extraordinary skills since Marcus, and his group members can perform sniper firing, and can easily use the Machine guns.

Multiplayer Support

Since Marcus has teamed up with his fellows, you (gamers) can also team up with your friends since it supports the multiplayer option. You guys can easily team up with your family members and do gaming for hours.

Watch Dogs 2 Download For Pc Highly Compressed 1GB Game

Elegant Filming Plot

The filming plot is very outstanding, and many beautiful scenes are included in it. Since the game has been filmed in San Francisco, so the gamers can get a view of San Francisco, and enjoy it as a tourist. The first part was filmed in Chicago, but the second one is filmed in San Francisco.

How To Install Watch Dogs 2 Game For PC?

  1. Get the “Watch Dogs 2 game” from the given link
  2. Turn off the “Real-Time Protection” in Windows Defender
  3. Extract the “Watch Dogs 2” Rar format file using the WinRAR software
  4. Open extracted folder, and first extract the “AVENGERS_AIO_V2” Rar file
  5. Open the “AVENGERS_AIO_V2.5” launcher, check all options, and click on the “Install” option
  6. Now extract the “Disable Defender” Rar file, open extracted folder, and click on the “Disable Defender” option on the application launcher of it
  7. Now extract the “Extract Setup” Rar file, and open extracted folder
  8. Run the “Install_Setup_Game.exe” launcher, and it will produce an ISO file
  9. Mounts ISO file using the Daemon Tools Lite software, and open mounted DVD Disk Drive
  10. Launch the setup installation, and wait at least 1 hour to complete the installation of the game
  11. Now open the “Crack” folder, copy the file placed in the folder, and paste the copied file into the installation directory
  12. Once, all the above steps are performed, now just open the game launcher, and play the game

We’ve revealed that it requires at least one hour to install the game setup on your PC, and it might take longer if your PC performance is not up to the mark, and that’s why you should have an ideal PC system for the game. These all steps are compulsory to execute, so please don’t miss any of the steps.

Watch Dogs 2 Game System Requirements

The system requirements of the game are very high as compared to the first product because we’ve provided Watch Dogs 1 before this article, and that’s why we can give you the complete difference between the requirements of both requirements. If you feel that your PC has the given PC specification, then should install it on your PC, otherwise, it would be a time-wasting effort to install the game if the PC specifications have not been met.

  • Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz 6th Generation Processor
  • Ram 8 GB DDR 4 (Level 2 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 50 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 1 GB (NVIDIA Geforce) for better performance
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Watch Dogs 2 PC Game Download

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