Vampire Survivors Game Free Download For PC Full Version

Vampire Survivors game is a free PC game that belongs to the horror game category. The leading character fights against hundreds of evil creatures simultaneously. This game was released by Overwhelmingly in 2022. This gaming product is one of the latest games in the market and was released in Oct 2022. F1 2014 is the latest gaming product on PCGamesHost, so users can now download the Formula 1 (F1 2014) game from this website.Vampire Survivors Full Game Download

Vampire Survivors Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Vampire Survivors does not require the highly compressed version because it requires 500 MB only to download & install the setup. We’ve provided the original version, so no need to provide the highly compressed version, but if our users insist, we’ll not hesitate to provide it on our website.

Vampire Survivors PC Game Features

Evil Empire

The enemy is the devil empire which has thousands of evil creatures. The player fights against thousands of enemies at a time. The player throws out dozen of snowballs simultaneously, and these balls will eliminate the existence of devil creatures.

Unlock Hidden Treasures

When you win the game and promote to the next stage, you get a treasure that is full of gold coins. You can earn thousands of coins. Apart from the coins, you can unlock a lot of hidden objects through the treasure.Vampire Survivors Game Free Download For Windows 10

Multiple Weapons

The game offers to pick up multiple weapons, and when one weapon is done, the other weapon will help to keep firing against the devils. The game contains a lot of stages, and accomplishing these stages is not easy since thousands of devil creatures are there to confront you in a single stage. The game difficulty level will of course increase as time passes.Vampire Survivors Free Download (V1.2.119 & All DLC)

Objects Collection

In this game, the player collects a lot of objects, and the ultimate goal is to make a collection of collected items and use these objects as a resource to pass the stages in the game. You get the texture subtitles, and when the enemy is ahead, the subtitles are showed up.

How To Install Vampire Survivors Game For PC?

  1. Get the (Vampire Survovirs) game from the given link below
  2. Turn off the “Real-Time Protection” in Windows Defender Antivirus
  3. Now Extract the “Vampire Survovirs Game” Rar extension using WinRAR software
  4. Open extracted folder, open the game launcher
  5. Make sure that you run the game launcher as an Administrator
  6. Now just run the game launcher, and enjoy the game

The installation method is very simple, and it’s a pre-installed gaming product, but there is one step that you should never avoid, please turn off the Windows Defender or any other antivirus if installed on your PC, and this step is mandatory to perform because the antivirus might delete the game’s files when extracting them, so turn off the antivirus for one time only when installing it.

Vampire Survivors Game System Requirements

The system requirements are very low, although the fact that it was released in 2022, but still, it requires a low-specification PC to run the game. We would say that the game requires the lowest specification PC to run the game, so no need to worry about the system requirements for this game.

  • Intel Dual Core Processor
  • Ram 2 GB DDR 2 (Level 1 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 700 MB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 128 MB
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Vampire Survivors PC Game Download

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