Tekken 4 Game Free Download For PC Full Version

Tekken 4 is a free PC gaming product that belongs to Arcade Category. We’re keen to update our old content and looking to provide fresh content for our users. Recently, We’ve updated the Bloody Roar 2 game on our website, and both Tekken 4 & Bloody Roar 2 are pure Arcade gaming products. Tekken 4 is the sequel to the legendary Tekken Gaming Series. It might be the 4th official release from the publisher (Namco).Tekken 4 Game Free Download For Pc Highly Compressed

Tekken 4 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Tekken 4 has provided in the highly compressed pack because its setup file is approx 4 GB, and after installation, it might require an extra 4 GB of disk space, so you should have at least 7-8 GB of disk space to download & install the game on your PC. Tekken 4 has been provided in highly compressed with a torrent link, so you can get the game with the torrent link, and it does not matter how much time it takes to successfully download the file, you have the feature to resume the downloading process unlimited times.

Tekken 4 PC Game Features

Sequel of Tekken Gaming Series

Tekken 4 is the official version provided by Namco. This game was provided after the release of the Tekken 3 game. Tekken 4 was released after 4-5 years after Tekken 3 Game. Tekken 3 was released in the 19th century, but Tekken 4 was made available to the public in the 20th century, so the two sequels belong to two different centuries.

Major Enhancements

The gameplay of Tekken Gaming Series is not a hidden thing from anyone, but here are some enhancements which were performed to give a version with better features. There are some features that were lacking in Tekken 3 but were introduced for the first time in Tekken 4.Tekken 4 For Pc Free Download Setup

Tekken Wall Combo

This feature was introduced for the first time in Tekken Gaming Series. In this feature, the player hits the opponent character toward the wall or any other object, and the dominating character has the option to hit continuously more attacks. The ultimate goal of the Walled combo is to let the dominating character make his combo more impactful and damage the opponent’s power strength. The other object could be wood, a grill, or something else depending on the stage set.

Tekken 4 Game Roaster

The roster was extended in Tekken 4. The roaster was taken from the first three products of the series, but mainly from Tekken 2 & Tekken 3. The complete roaster of this game is containing 23 different characters. There are 16 characters who were retained from the previous 3 releases, and some additional characters were introduced, and the number of new characters is 6. Combat, Marduk, Steve Fox, and Violet are the top characters who were introduced in Tekken 4. Marduk & Steve Fox are characters who are retained till Tekken 8, and the roaster of Tekken 8 has been provided in the trailer, and Marduk & Steve Fox are the two characters who are part of Tekken 8 Family.

Tekken 4 Game Modes

In this game, there are several modes in it, some gaming modes are retained from the previous updates. Arcade Mode, Practice Mode, Verses Mode, and Tekken ball are retained from Tekken 3 game. Every mode provides unique functionality. Tekken Force mode was launched in Tekken 4 Game. Well, Tekken Force mode was included in Tekken 3 as well, but there are some improvements made in Tekken 4 game. Arcade Mode is the best mode in which you fight with other characters in the game.

Multiplayer Mode

A mode called “Verses Mode” is used for multiplayer. You can ask your friend or family member to play against you in the game. Both players can select any character from the roaster, and impressively, both players can select the same character as well, but the costumes of both characters will be different from each other.

Tekken 4 Basic Gameplay

Tekken 4 offers the arcade fight mode in which you fight against all characters from its roaster. The game contains levels, and in each level, you will face one character, and it will be an FT-3 fight, and the winner of FT-3 declares the winner. You can 5 rounds per level, and you should win at least 3 levels to win the stage, but if you win the three consecutive rounds, you will be moved to the next level since the opponent has lost the chance to win 3 rounds per stage, and most importantly, the same formula applies for your character as well.

Tekken Force Mode

Tekken Force is similar to the gameplay of Metal Slug or Final Fight games. In this mode, you confront enemies with short power strength, and each character could be eliminated by 1-2 punches, but at the end of the stage, you face an enemy with full power strength. This mode is used for entertainment purposes, and moreover, you can collect a bonus by playing this mode.Download Tekken 4 Game For Free Full Version

Gameplay Customization

There are several customizations available in it, you can define the number of rounds per stage, you can choose up to FT-5 in which you have to win 5 challenges against the opponent, and you have the option to change the character once a challenge has been completed. The default time frame per level is 60 seconds, and both players will keep fighting for 60 seconds, and after that, the player with more damage will be lost automatically.

How To Install Tekken 4 Game For PC?

  1. Get the game (Tekken 4) from the given link
  2. Turn off the “Real-Time Protection” in Windows Defender Antivirus
  3. Extract the “Tekken 4” Rar file using the WinRAR Application, and open extracted folder
  4. You may see an ISO file in the folder, so what you need to do is Extract & install the Pcsx 2 Emulator
  5. Run the PCSX 2 Emulator, click on the “New” option in the menu, and select the ISO file of the “Tekken 4” game
  6. When you select the ISO file in the emulator and enjoy the game

The installation method for Tekken 4 game is a bit complicated because you need to extract the RAR file and then extract the PCSX 2 Emulator file. Once the extraction process has been completed, run the Tekken 4 Game on PCSX 2 by selecting the ISO file of the game. PCSX 2 emulator requires some configurations for the first time only, and Bios configuration for the first time.

Tekken 4 Game System Requiements

The requirements of the Tekken 4 game are not too much. You can run the game on Dual-Core Processor to get the expected performance, you should have a Core i3 Processor. We recommend using the SSD hard drives for getting more performance of the game.

  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • Ram 6 GB DDR 2 (Level 2 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 5 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 512 MB for better performance
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Tekken 4 PC Game Download

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