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Saints Row 1 Game is an alternative to the GTA gaming series. The users might get the same interface as we’ve experienced in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.  When we installed the game for testing purposes, we realized that this product has tons of similarities with the Grand Theft Auto Gaming series.Saints Row 1 Pc Game Download Highly Compressed

Saints Row 1 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Saints Row 1 is available in a highly compressed package and it’s the first sequel of the series, but requires a high-specification gaming PC. We’ve played all products of the GTA series, and it has some similarities with all the games, but mainly similar to the GTA San Andreas game. Its gameplay plot sometimes gives the vibe of the GTA San Andreas Game.

Saints Row 1 PC Game Features

Rob & Kill Residents

The character has the ability to rob people who are roaming in the gameplay plot. You can also fight with them, and sometimes, they also fight back, so you should be ready if you face the consequences to fight with someone.

Plot Map

The game offers a real-time map of the plot, and on the map, you can see all the popular places around you, and especially indicates your destination place. The map is also helpful to indicate the direction of the enemy. You can easily track you’re the exact location of your enemy. You get 100% map accuracy in the game.Saints Row Free Download For Windows 7

Vehicles Available

The game lets you drive a lot of vehicles. There are different types of vehicles included in the game such as tankers, cars, bikes, buses, helicopters, trucks, etc. Apart from doing missions, you can use any of the vehicles in the game and have a long drive as well. The number of helicopters is less, and the helicopters are available in specific locations only, and to have a drive on the helicopter, you should reach the place where the helicopter has been parked.

Missions Accomplishments

The game has more than 100 missions, and you must pass all the missions, and every mission will bring you a new enemy, and the level of difficulty will increase as you move to the next missions. The difficulty of level will be hard in the last missions.

Save Game Missions

There are approximately 70 missions in the game, and it’s not possible to conquer all the missions withing taking the rest, so you can save the game, and when you again play the game, you can load the game from where you stopped last time. The game data will keep stored in “My Documents” in C Drive.Saints Row 1 Game Download For PC

Variety of Weapons

The weapons are available in a large amount of quantity. You might get a variety of guns such as Sniper guns, Machine Guns, Simple Guns, and heavy guns. The usage of bombs is very often in the game, and these weapons will help out to pass a lot of missions because many missions are dependent on weapons & violence, so to fulfill the criteria, you should a decent gun to counter against the enemy.

How To Install Saints Row Game For PC?

  1. Just get the game (Saints Row 1) from the given link below
  2. Now extract the “Disable Defender” Rar file using WinRAR software
  3. Open the extracted file, and click on the “Disable Defender” option in the menu
  4. Now extract “Game Setup”, and open the “Open_Setup_Install” file as administrator
  5. It will provide a “Game_Setup_DVD” ISO file, and mount the ISO file using Daemon Tools Lite
  6. Open mounted DVD mounted drive, and run the setup of the “Saints Row 1” game
  7. The setup might take 25 minutes to install, and then open the “Crack” folder in the virtual DVD Disk
  8. Paste the copied Crack files in the installation directory probably (C: Program Files/Saints Row 1), you can change the installation directory too
  9. Once all the steps are performed, now just open the game launcher, and enjoy this amazing game on your PC system

The installation method of the game is a little bit difficult, but you should perform all these steps to avoid any kind of error during the installation of the game. We’ve often seen people saying that the game does not work, and this happens because some required files are missing in Windows, so when you perform all these steps, you can easily & safely run the game on your PC.

Saints Row 1 Game System Requirements

The system requirements of the game are not much high, and the system requirements criteria are similar to GTA Vice City, but the game interface is similar to the GTA San Andreas game. You can run the game on a low-end pc gaming setup.

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Ram 4 GB DDR 2 (Level 1 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 4 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 256 MB for better performance
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Saints Row 1 PC Game Download

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