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Real Bike Racing Game Free Download For PC Windows 7

Real Bike Racing is an Android OS-based game officially released for the Android operating system. The game went viral in the gaming community, so people started to play this racing game on windows PC. Well, the official game version is not available for windows PC, but we have the resource to run the Android version on PC.

Real Bike Racing Game Download For Pc Windows 7

Real Bike Racing Game Free Download For PC

Real Bike Racing is an amazing game among all bike racing games. Our website has already provided many bike racing games such as Road Rash, Risen 2015, and many more. Although it’s an android game, it provides some outstanding video graphics quality.

Real Bike Racing PC Game Features

Exceeds Speed Limit to 200 Km per hour

This game provides some swift bike racing speed, and the player can exceed bike speed up to 200km per hour. The average speed is around 150, but controlling the bike is a concern when riding the bike at 150 + speeds.

Set Laps

The game provides the feature to allocate the number of laps per race, and you can manage the number of laps according to your desire. The minimum lap is of course 1 lap, but the maximum number of laps goes up to 5 laps per race.

Real Bike Racing Game Download For Pc Windows 10

Real-Time Spot Position

This game shows your real-time position of you in the race, and if you’re dominating the race, and stealing the first spot in the race, your ranked number would be one, but if you are behind 2 other bikers, your position number would beĀ  3.

Real Bike Racing Game Download For PC

Map Inclusion of a Lap

The game contains the lap of the lap, and the lap shows how much journey is remaining to complete a lap, and secondly, you can see the bike spots of your opponents too, so there are many advantages of the map.

How To Install Real Bike Racing Game For PC?

  • Get the game from the link below
  • First, install the Bluestacks emulator on your windows system
  • BlueStacks is demanding PC software to run Android apps
  • After installing BlueStacks, install the Real Bike Racing game on BlueStacks
  • The game will be installed within a minute

The installation procedure is a little bit difficult since it has the involvement of BlueStacks, but if you perform this task manually, you will find it much simpler.

Real BikeĀ  Racing Game System Requirements

You guys must be wondering if the system requirements of the game are too high, but the system requirements of the game are not high, but to run the game, we have to install BlueStacks PC software, but BlueStacks demands high-performing PC, and that why we need to a good specification PC.

  • Intel core i3 4th Generation Processor
  • Ram 8 GB DDR 3 (Level 2)
  • Hard Disk Space 100 MB (Package Installer + Package Installation)
  • Graphics Card 1 GB (NVIDIA model for better performance)
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

Real Bike Racing PC Game Download

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