Pro Evolution Soccer PES 10 2010 Game Free Download Torrent

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 10 is a free football game that belongs to the sports category. Pro Evolution Soccer 10 was released in 2010, and it was one of the successful products of the series. This product has helped the PES gaming series to mark its name in the market. There are a lot of enhancements that were made in this game as compared to the very last update. PES 2009 was the previous update of the series, and what a coincidence that we’ve provided the PES 2009 version apart from this one in the entire series.Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Free Download

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2010 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Highly compressed versions are designed for this kind of game because the disk space of the game is normally very high, so we’ve decided to provide the highly compressed version of the PES 2010 version. PES 2009 was also provided in the highly compressed version, so the users can get both versions of the PES series in the highly compressed pack.

Pro Evolution Soccer PES 10 PC Game Features

Football PC Game

This product is of course a football PC product that was released under a well-known gaming series called Pro Evolution Soccer. This gaming series is very popular for providing outstanding football gaming products, and its popularity graph is almost similar to its competitive series called Fifa. Fifa is no doubt more popular than the PES gaming series because the Fifa Gaming series is based on real Football World Cup Events.

New Studiums Introduced

In this game, a lot of new arenas are introduced. This is the first department where the developer has made the enhancement because the number of stadiums was short in the PES 2009 product, but the publisher provided a lot of new Arenas (Studiums) for this game.

Pes 2010 Free Download For Pc Full Version With Crack

Customize the Arenas

In this version of Pro Evolution Soccer, you can customize the Arenas according to your choice. You can adjust the seat adjustment of spectators, and allocate a VIP area for the VIP Guests. You can show the advertisement of your favorite sponsor brand.

Make Your Own Player

The game is offering to make your own and make it popular in the PES 2010. You can save the changed settings, whenever you add a new or custom player, the customized player will remain alive in the rooster of the game.

New Professional Players of 2010

Till the 2010 century, the game has included all popular players, and it includes both the oldest & newest players in the same product, so you can hold a match between Young & Aged Players. Christino Rolando is the all-time player of football, and there are a lot of other professional players like Messi, etc.

Advanced AI Players & Keepers

There are several modes in the game, and if you play in Hard mode, the difficulty will be too high, and it will be difficult to prevent the AI-based characters to score the goal, and most importantly, the goal-keeper technology has been enhanced a lot in the product, so you should kick the ball in the perfect way to score the way, otherwise to goal-keeper is always there to stop you scoring the goal.PES 2010 Highly Compressed Game Download

70 Team Included (Both Domestic & National Teams)

Football is the most popular sports game in the history of sports games. The history of Football is very old, and this game is most liked globally. Many teams have produced their national teams that compete in international events such as Fifa etc. There are a lot of domestic teams in every country, and all professional players use to participate in the domestic teams. In an International event like Fifa, the players use to represent their own country team, but in the domestic league, they use to participate in a team of that particular country where the domestic league is taking place.

How To Install Pro Evolution Soccer PES 2010 Game For PC?

  1. Get the game (PES 2010) from the given link
  2. Extract the “PES 2010” Rar file using WinRAR software
  3. After extracting the file, open the extracted folder, and now extract a RAR file named “Disable Defender”
  4. Open the Disable Defender folder, and run the launcher, click on the “Disable Defender” option in the launcher of it
  5. Now go back to the main folder, and Extract the RAR file “Extract Setup”
  6. Now open the “Game_Install_Setup.exe” launcher, and it will generate an ISO file “Setup_Game_DVD”
  7. Mount the ISO file using the Daemon Tools Lite Software
  8. Open mounted DVD Drive of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Game from “This PC” in Windows 8 and later versions
  9. Run the setup, and the setup may require 30 minutes to complete the installation
  10. When all the above steps are performed, now open the game launcher available on Windows Desktop

In this installation method, we’re automatically turning off the Windows Defender Antivirus by installing a launcher, but you can do it manually too. To turn off the Windows Defender manually, you should search “Threats & Virus Detection” in Windows Search Bar, and disable “Real-Time Protection” in Windows Defender.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 Game System Requirements

The system requirements of the PES 2010 are not much high, but reasonable because PES 2010 is one of the initial updates of the series, and in 2010, the computer technology was new, so it was developed according to the available system configuration.

  • Intel Quad-Core 2.0 GHz Processor
  • Ram 6 GB DDR 2 (Level 1 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 10 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 512 MB (Nvidia) for better performance
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

PES 2010 PC Game Download

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