Grand Theft Auto GTA 4 Game Download For PC Highly Compressed

GTA 4 is one of the popular parts of the GTA gaming family. We can say that every part of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) has improved the level of GTA in the gaming market, and this fact is admired by every gamer because this gaming series is too much joy for gamers. We’ve provided GTA 4 on our website, but we came up with a highly compressed version this time.

Download Gta 4 Highly Compressed 500mb Pc Game

GTA 4 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

The gameplay story of GTA 4 starts with Niko Bellic who belongs to the European region. He face mental illness in his childhood and faced too much brutality from day one, so he wanted to get rid of this life, and wanted to move on, and finally, he set off from his Europe region on his boat, and set off for America.

Grand Theft Auto GTA 4 PC Game Features

Niko Bellic (Leading Character)

I played GTA Vice City a lot in my life, and the leading character was Tommy in GTA Vice City, but in GTA 4, Niko Bellic is the leading character who faced mental challenges and wanted to get rid of violence. When he set off from his region, he came across an underworld, and there was more violence in the city. In the beginning, he was completely disappointed to see what was going to happen in his life, but this underworld life becomes a normal thing for him soon.

When Niko is addicted to too much usage of Guns, the other thieves realized that the money is worth it for those who don’t have enough, a common thing who have too much money.

Inclusion of Cars & Other Vehicles

The GTA game is incomplete without the inclusion of amazing weapons. The gamers can use cars, bikes, tankers, and trucks to set off on the journey. It is very common in the GTA gaming series to snatch a vehicle from a local citizen.

Download Gta 4 Highly Compressed 500MB Game Full Version

Inclusion of Guns & Other Weapons

This game contains the involvement of guns in all missions, and it’s impossible to pass any mission without using weapons, so violence is what we require to pass the missions. We can easily loot the residents of the city area and can take their luxury things such as Cars, Heavy Bikes, and much more.

Inclusion of Strip Clubs & Disco Bars

Some GTA parts have included strip clubs and Disco bars. Sometimes, it’s compulsory to visit the bar or Strip clubs for passing the mission, and there is a mission in GTA San Andreas in which it was necessary to visit Strip Club and perform some eighteen-plus activities.

Multiplayer Support

The game is supporting the multiplayer option for the server of the GTA 4 game. In the server version, you come across different players online, and the ultimate goal is to kill each other.

Download Gta 4 Highly Compressed 500mb Free For Pc

Ultra HD Graphics Quality

The video quality is unmatchable in it, and you guys can get the Ultra HD video quality in GTA 4 version. It is the second last part of the series, so the video quality is almost similar to GTA 5, but still, it might be less high definition than GTA 5. Since we are providing the 500MB highly compressed version, it does not mean that this version compromises the quality of the game, but there are many parts of the Winrar files, and each part is 500MB, and when you extract it, make sure that you’ve downloaded all the parts otherwise, the extraction is not performed if even one part is missing from the list.

How To Install GTA 4 Game For PC?

  1. Get the game from the given link below
  2. Turn off the “Real-Time Protection” in Windows Defender
  3. Extract the “GTA 4 400MB” Rar file, and open extracted folder
  4. Run the setup file, and it will around 1 hour to complete the installation
  5. Once, the installation has been completed, now open the installation directory of the game
  6. A shortcut game icon will also appear on the Windows Desktop, open the game launcher, and enjoy it
  7. The installation method is very simple as compared to other games, and no doubt, it’s a highly compressed version, but it requires a decent amount of time for unpacking the highly compressed version, and it might take around 20 GB of hard disk space after the installation.

GTA 4 Game System Requirements

GTA 4 is one of the latest products of the GTA gaming series, and that’s why it requires a good specification gaming PC, but it does not require too much specification, but it’s recommended to have a good gaming PC, so you can enjoy the gameplay as like you want.

  • Intel Core i3 4th Generation Processor
  • Ram 8 GB DDR 3 (Level 2 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 22 GB (Package installer + Package installation)
  • Graphics Card 1 GB (NVIDIA GeForce) for better performance
  • Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11

GTA 4 PC Game Download

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