Cricket 19 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Cricket 19 is the cricket gaming version, and it was released in 2019. EA Sports was one of the publishing companies that provides a lot of cricket games that stole the heart of gamers, but after a certain period, EA Sports stopped providing Cricket games, and I could not solve the mystery behind this decision, but it’s sad to announce that Cricket 19 is Big Art Studios.

Cricket 2019 Game Download Full Version for Windows 7

Cricket 19 Game Free Download For PC Highly Compressed

Cricket 19 is one of the best cricket games, and it takes around 20 GB of disk space. The game lets you play your favorite format of cricket sports. The gamer is allowed to play different modes in it, but it’s not limited to playing cricket, but allows many modifications under it so, it’s better to install, and personally check out the modification features in it.

Cricket 19 PC Game Features

Play-Cricket of Modern Era

Since the game is released in 2019, so the developer has understood the mindset of cricket lovers, and that’s why the developer has provided easy batting options and the maximum number of shots available in it. Everyone likes to do batting, and that’s why the publisher has done a great effort to enhance the batting in the game.

 Choose Favorite Format

We all know that there are three different formats in Cricket, ODI, T20, and Test Cricket. The gamer can choose the desired format, and play the cricket match. ODI contains a 50-overs match while T20 offers a 20-overs match per side while Test format offers unlimited offers a team can play, but there is supposed to bowl 90 overs per day, and the play will resume the next day. Before this, EA Sports Cricket 2011 was the latest update on our website, and Cricket 2011 has all three platforms.

Cricket 19 Highly Compressed Game Free Download

Choose your Favorite Country Team

The gamer can choose the desired team, and if he wants to play in Country Team mode, all the popular Cricketing teams have existed, but if the preference is Club or local cricket, then the gamer can switch to club cricket mode.

Enhance A Young Player

This game lets the gamer enhance the young talent, and help to improve his skills. This advanced feature is the key feature in it, and that’s why cricket-loving people are fond of Cricket 19 games. There are some unexpected features in it which are not supposed to expect.

Create Own Club Team

This game provides the option to create your own club team, and the gamer can set the name of the team, and add their favorite players. The gamer can create a club team of both genders since the game also provides the Woman’s team.

A Map to Indicate Fielders’ Positions

The game interface also provides a map where the batsman can see the fielding set against him. The batsman can observe the fielding positions and can play a shot accordingly. The map shows the real-time position of all fielders, and when a fielder is moved to another position the map will indicate the change in fielding area.

Cricket 19 Game Free Download For PC

Customize Team Uniform

The gamer can modify the uniform of any team. There are several changes that can be performed on a player’s uniform. The user can insert a sponsor logo or can replace a sponsor logo on it. The user can change the color of the uniform, and make the uniform more colorable by adding different colors to it.

How To Install Cricket 19 Game For PC?

  1. Get the game from the given download link
  2. Turn off “Real-Time Protection” in Windows Defender
  3. Now just extract the file, and open the Folder “Ashes”
  4. Open the “Ashes” launcher, and play the game

I’ve tested the game on my computer PC, and it’s fact that it requires a high-specification PC, but the installation process is simpler than expected. I never thought that the installation method would be that simple, but yes, it’s damn simple to perform.

Cricket 19 Game System Requirements

The game specifications are high, so it’s recommended to play it on your best gaming setup otherwise, it might not work on an average system. We are revealing the specifications, so it will help to match your specification with the required specification of the game.

  • Core i7 3.6 GHz 6th Generation Processor
  • Ram 8 GB DDR 4 (Level 3 Memory)
  • Hard Disk Space 30 GB (Package Installer + Package installer)
  • Graphics Card 2 GB (NVIDIA GeForce 680 model recommended)

Cricket 19 PC Game Download

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