The Different Cabinetry Styles at Allure Kitchens

The kitchen is where we all spend the most of our time, so it’s important that your space be not only functional but stylish as well. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect traditional kitchen or an industrial-style loft, Allure Kitchens offers an array of cabinet styles to fit every taste and aesthetic sensibility imaginable. Take a look at the different cabinet styles available at Allure Kitchens today!


For a traditional kitchen, built in cabinets are a great option. Built in cabinets offer more storage space, typically with the doors on one side of the wall and the shelves on the other. This layout provides ample space for storing everything from pots to pans. We recommend choosing maple or walnut as your cabinetry finish to give your kitchen a rich and warm feel.

Customers can also choose to have their built-in cabinets customized for their specific needs by adding extra shelving or drawers, or even converting one cabinet into a wine bar! We know you’ll love all of our beautiful options when it comes to built in cabinetry!

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Allure offers a wide range of Shaker style cabinets to fit your individual needs. Shaker style cabinets have clean lines, squared off door frames and simple hardware. The simplicity of the design creates a sleek, modern look that is achieved by adding molding to the cabinet’s edge. These clean lines provide a nice contrast with elaborate backsplashes or countertops that can make it hard to find a focal point in the kitchen. The best part is that shaker style cabinets come in an array of colors from dark espresso brown and antique white to bright red and sage green. If you’re looking for something more traditional, check out our Traditional Style cabinetry which has more detail than other styles with decorative moldings, ornate hardware and glass doors for added character.


Allure Kitchens offers a variety of different cabinetry styles to fit the needs and tastes of each customer. Our most popular cabinetry style is our antique style, which features intricate designs and carvings that give the kitchen an elegant feel. Built in cabinets are also available for customers who want their cabinetry to be both functional and decorative. Built in cabinets offer more storage space than traditional cabinets, but they require a higher upfront cost due to their installation process. To learn more about our different styles of cabinetry or if you want to schedule a consultation with one of our designers, please contact us today!


Built in cabinets can be a great way to build a kitchen because they offer the ability to have a fully enclosed kitchen. This option is perfect for those looking for a more rustic look, like cabin living. What’s really amazing about built in cabinets is that they offer plenty of storage space as well as the ability to hide away all of your appliances. Built in cabinets also come in three different styles: Shaker, French Country and Arts and Crafts. If you are interested in having built-in cabinetry, it’s best to speak with an experienced professional who will be able to help you decide which style best fits your needs!


Built-in cabinets can really make your kitchen feel like it has come into the 21st century. They are perfect for those who want their kitchen to stand out and be a focal point of the house, without taking up space elsewhere. Built-in cabinets are also great for those who want to save some money on flooring because they already have a little extra storage underfoot. The best part about built-in cabinets is that they allow you to customize your kitchen to your own personal tastes and needs, which means that no matter what’s in there, you’ll always find something you love.


Allure Kitchens specializes in contemporary cabinetry styles. Built-in cabinets are a great choice for those who want to maximize space and stay on budget. These cabinets come with shelving, drawers and doors to keep your kitchen looking clean, sleek and organized. You can choose from a wide variety of finishes, so you are sure to find the perfect look for your space.


Allure Kitchens offers many different styles of cabinetry to make your kitchen the perfect fit for your space. Whether you’re looking for a classic look, or something more modern and edgy, we have what you need. For example, if you’re looking for a cabinet that will blend into your space and become an extension of the kitchen, then built-in cabinets are right for you. Built-in cabinets are designed to be hidden in walls or recessed in the ceiling so they can’t be seen unless they’re pulled out. They offer spacious storage with plenty of room to put away all those pots and pans that never seem to have a place!

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