Battlefield 3 Game free DownloadBattlefield 3 is a first person shooting game and containing awesome graphics. The popularity of this product is on next level of the world because it has earned too much value in no time so, playing this product must be a good moment for me to experience and we will describe each and every thing in details so, let's start.

Battlefield 3 Screenshots

Battlefield 3 Game free Download For PC

Battlefield 3 Game free Download For Windows 10

Battlefield 3 Game free Download For Windows 7

How To Download Battlefield 3 Game

The downloading process is very simple of this product so, you don't need to make any extra effort and all what you need to do is to click on the download button below and you will be rewarded free direct link.

How To Install Battlefield 3 Game

The installation process of battlefield 3 is very tough and I have also explained the installation method in a video tutorial as well so, you must watch it on You-Tube, but anyways I'm going to provide the method in soft form as well so, let's start.
  • Once, the file is downloaded
  • First, turn off the real-time protection in Windows 10
  • After that, you need to extract the file
  • After that, you will see two ISO files there
  • Make sure that you have installed Daemon lite tool
  • Mount both ISO files through daemon lite tool
  • After mounting the CDs, now just open the CD 1
  • Start the setup installation and during the installation they may ask for CD 2 or Part 35
  • You need to click on Browse and you need to open CD 2 through pop-up windows
  • Open game folder under CD 2 and then then select Part 35
  • Complete the installation process and then now Open CD 2 again
  • Open Crack folder this time and copy the BF3 launcher
  • Paste it in the installed directory and enjoy

System Requirements

Core i5
Ram = 8 GB
Graphics Card = 1 GB
Hard Disk Space = 30 GB
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10

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