NBA 2K20 is the latest part of the series so far because the publisher has not released any other part, but we may see a new part after few months because they normally introduce the new part in Oct so, we are not away from that month. I love to play it and use to playing it since my childhood, but it was not available that time, but its initial part was available that time.


NBA 2k20 Important Info

NBA 2k20 is containing the most advanced feature on it because the product was released with amazing graphics quality and the developer focused on the graphics quality because you can't survive with normal graphics quality when many alternative products are doing hard to compete it.

The gameplay is very simple to learn because when you play it on daily basis, then you can easily learn the gameplay of it. We have attached some screenshots and they may surely help to understand the logic of the product so, please check out them in no time. You may surely like NBA 2K19 game which is also free of cost.

Let's move to  the main thing now discuss which devices are supportable for this product and we will mention them here, but we can't provide the installment for these devices, but still we can indicate them so, let's start. Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Nitendo Switch, Xbox one and PlayStation 4 are supportable devices, but we there are some other devices which are also supportable, but there is no need to mention them because we have mentioned the most using devices.

System Requirements

  1. Core i7
  2. Ram : 16 Gb
  3. Graphics Card : 1 GB External
  4. Hard Disk Space : 70 GB
  5. Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows 8 + Windows 10

How To Download and Install it?

It's understood that we can't provide this file in IDM link so, we have the only one option which is Torrent link so, you must have torrent software otherwise, the downloading process can't be proceed.
  • Download the file from this source
  • Install Daemon tool lite
  • Open game folder and then mount CD 1
  • Open CD 1 and run the setup installation
  • Make sure that you have finished it properly
  • Now Mount folder again and now mount CD 2
  • Open CD 2 and you may see Crack file there
  • Copy the file and paste it in installed directory
  • Play the launcher and enjoy it.

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