Forza Horizon 2 is a car racing game where we have to pass many racing missions and it is complete racing gaming series and we are pleased to say that we are going to provide the most of the product in the series sol let's start.


Forza Horizon 2 Important Info

Forza horizon 2 is the second part of the series and it was also released for the multiple operating system and we will surely mention the operating systems, but let's discuss the actual releasing date of the product. The first released was in Sep 2014 which is 6 years away from now.

We know that Need for speed is the most popular racing series, but we can't ignore the current one because it has earned too much rating in no time so, people surely do like it and  if you Google it, then you may say positive reviews about the product.

We have missed the first part of the series, but don't worry because we will also provide the first part of the series, but we preferred to provide the most important part of the series so, here we go. Both single and multi-player are supported here and these are some supporting operating systems of this installment Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and many others.

Basically, it's the 7th part of the series, but when we say horizon, then it's the second part so, don't worry because we will provide the complete series. Its gameplay is very amazing because we have seen very few products with such an amazing gameplay so, you can't afford to ignore it.

System Requirements

  • Pentium 4
  • Ram = 2 GB
  • Graphics Card = 256 MB
  • Hard Disk Space = 35 GB
  • Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

How to Download and Install it?

We have described the downloading process in the early articles  as well and it's very easy to implement because you need to download torrent software first, then your downloading can be proceed further so, make sure that you have installed torrent software on your windows.

The Installation process is not very tough because if you are a gamer, then you're used to this thing because the installation of most of the games is same so, you don't gonna face any error, but for further help, we are providing the complete process that how can you install it on your PC windows so, there you go.

  • Download the file from this source
  • Install Daemon tool lite
  • Open game folder and then mount CD 1
  • Open CD 1 and run the setup installation
  • Make sure that you have finished it properly
  • Now Mount folder again and now mount CD 2
  • Open CD 2 and you may see Crack file there
  • Copy the file and paste it in installed directory
  • Play the launcher and enjoy it.

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