Fifa Soccer 96 PC Game Free Download

Download Fifa Soccer 96 game For PC Full Version

There is the second version of the series and I  will provide all the installments of the series in order and this installment was developed and published by EA Sports and there is a bit role of THQ company for designing the game and you can see that the cover photo is designed very well and you can see a logo of PlayStation at the left side.

Fifa 1996 PC Game Screenshots

Download Fifa Soccer 95 highly compressed Setup

 There is the shot of the installment and you can also see a circle in the beginning of the shot and this circle is representing your players and, when your players will be near the football, then the circle will appear on that guy who is near the ball so, it helps for understanding the match more clearly.

Fifa 96 Game Download Kickass Torrent

 Every single sports game consist of different teams means that Australia and Pakistan are the top teams of Cricket, but in football, Argetina and Italy have got good respect and these teas are considered the top teams in the world, but there are no cricket teams of both these countries because they don’t take interest in cricket and they prefer football and I forgot to mention Fifa 96 game download.

Fifa Soccer 96 Game download full free for windows 7

I forgot to mention Brazil in the list of top football teams and every year this tournament help in different countries and rich people buy a team for a lot of billions and this is the starting of the match because both team has not scored a goal yet and the first round has finished and both teams did not success to score a single goal.

How To Install?

Friends, its installation method is very simple, just extract the file and I think that I provided the sega version and load the file with emulator.

System Requirements

Pentium 2
Ram = 256 MB
Windows XP, vista, Windows 7+Windows 8+Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11
Hard Disk Space = 10 MB

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