Download Fifa Soccer 95 Game For PC Full Version

Download Fifa Soccer 95 Game Setup

So friends, I am going to publish the first article that based on football video gaming series and this is the most famous football series and there is the first installment that is EA Fifa 95 soccer and this installment was released and published by EA Sports (Electronic Arts) and as I told you in the beginning that this was the first one and the users was inspired on the version because this was new series and many guys want to play football games as well so, there was the ending time.

Fifa Soccer 95 PC Game Screenshots

Fifa Soccer 95 PC Game Free Download

 Friends, you need to cooperate in the current version because the most important thing is the graphics of the version, but in the beginning, the graphics design was not considered top issue and you can see that Brazil and Italy are representing the match and the streaming is telecasting by EA Sports.

Fifa Soccer 95 Highly Compressed Game Download

 You can see that a lot of players are there and both teams are wearing different color uniform and every team their consist their own uniform and all the players represent by their uniform and there is the goal point and every team consists of a keeper and he takes care of goal point and when they kick the ball to goal point, then the keeper has to stop the ball.

Download Fifa Soccer 1995 game utorrent setup

You can see a star inside the shot and this star is showing your players it means, the yellow uniform team is yours so, you should play carefully and we need to take any step carefully because one failed step can beat and you can see that they wear simple uniform because they don’t want to take too much weight.

How To Install?

First of all, get this game from below link, then extract the file
after getting extract the file, download the sega emulator
and run the file from sega emulator

System Requirements

Pentium 2
Ram = 128 MB
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7+Windows 8+Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11
Hard Disk Space 5 MB

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