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Fifa 16 is a sports version this is the most played and the latest installment of the series and this product has released in 2k16 and this installment was developed by EA Sports (Electronic Arts). The girls are playing football in this shot and you can see that this is not a separate version because if you want to play with women’s match, then you can and you just need to select another mode.

Fifa 16 PC Game Screenshots

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 There is flying kick and actually, he is trying to stop the ball to reach the goal point and he is considered a good goal keeper and he has great skill and he is trying to show his skill with this effort and you can’t say that this is a video gaming series because the graphics are so awesome that you think that this is the real match.

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 I don’t watch too much football matches because I like their uniform too much because all the teams wear awesome uniform and their combination is also good one and you can see the ball there and this ball is made in Pakistan and the Pakistan is the supplier of this ball, but there is football team of Pakistan and it doesn’t mean that Pakistan have no talent, but all people of Pakistan take interest in Hockey and cricket so, this is the main issue that we are facing nowadays.

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 You can see the players of two teams and I thought that there is an umpire because there is no umpire because you can see at the left side that there is an old guy and I thought that there is the umpire, but he is the member of the team and you can see the logos of their sponsors and they all are wearing different shoes.

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 You can see a single guy in this picture because when you are trying to goal a point and, then the keeper stops the goal, then he kicked the ball so hardly and actually, he is trying to pass the ball to his team guy that is standing near the goal point of another team and our player can score a goal easily with this method and this is the most used strategy nowadays.

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This is the scene when someone’s national anthem is singing by the players and also the crowd and this is the most awesome moment of almost every match because when you are representing some big platforms, then they sing the national anthem of their country and you can see the sponsors logo as well and Qatar Airways are the sponsors of this team and Qatar give them money for using their logo on their uniform.

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How To Download?

There is no landing page scene because I pasted the working link on the current page so, you don’t need to redirect on landing page because there is utorrent link and you have to install this software in your PC, then you can download this version.

System Requirements

Core i5
Ram = 3 GB
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7+Windows 8+Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11
Hard Disk Space = 15 GB
Graphics Card = 1 GB

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