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Hi Friends! So, there is the most interesting version and this installment was released in 1985 and now is 2016 so, you can take idea how much it is. I think it will be the first installment of all others and first time, I was played this version on my childhood and I was five years old, when I saw this version and I also play it at now as well and many people like this installment at this time as well and it is most demanded version of all others and there are many new games and those installments have amazing graphics and better than this in many fields, but old is gold dear, many people still enjoy it on their PC and its requirements is also not very well and it was most popular, when it was recently launched and I was not born that time because my date of birth is 1998 so, the credit must be given to its publisher and developer because the launching of first game for your PC is not very easy and it is still getting great searches.

Super Mario PC Game Screen Shots

Super Mario PC Game Free Download

 I think there is the picture of a new version of the same series and it also has great graphics, but the demand of this version is not very well  and they have setup same story in this installment as well, but the people want that version and this installment can’t replace the first installment of the series and their publisher have launched many new parts and also made many parts in forever keyword as well, but they did not get success because all other installments can’t compete its great work. I am sure that if you will go to that place, then you will feel very well because they designed all versions very well and you can also see this screen shot, this shot inspired me a lot because all the things are looking so beautiful.

Super Mario Game Download With Setup File

There is another version because its graphics are a bit better than current and their publisher designed it well and the birds are looking very cute in this shot, but we should beware from these birds because there is touch killing way mean that if your player will touch to these birds, then he will be lost the stage no matter, where he is until in the end of a stage, but there is way to get protected is that, when bang some things that show as a question mark, then those question mark type things included some good things for us because those boxes included coins and another good thing to get increase your height and there are many trees beside it and these are not showing very well because the reason of its graphics and if you want to see them clearly, then see the above shot and that shot will show you more clearly.

Super Mario All Games Collection download with forever games

Yup, there is the shot that I want to show because there is the shot of the first installment of the series and the shot don’t have too much bad graphics and the birds are also available inside this screen shot as well and if you will kill those birds, then you will get reward of 100 points, but one thing you must be remind in your mind, you should punch them on their head side because if you will punch them according to rule, then you will lose and it is my childhood version so, I remembered its missions very well, when you complete the stage about 50%, then you see a hole and that hole is good and also bad for us because the leaves grow up from those holes and those leaves are very harmful for our player. The weather is very lovely there and many clouds are looking very well there and you can see a star there and I think it was used to increase the power strength of our player, my friend mentioned this version today and I planned to provide it you, but when I asked him to have you completed that game? Then he replied to me that I have nothing to say about that version so, I cancelled my plan while I have enough words that I can’t write in a single article.

How To Download + Install?  

Just download it from below link, extract the extension
after it opens the folder and open any game that you want to play.

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Super Mario Game Free Download For PC

System Requirements

Pentium 2
Ram = 96 MB
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7+Windows 8+Windows 10 (32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11
Keyboard and Mouse

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