Download IGI 4 Game For PC Full Version

Cover image

IGI 4 is also a shooting installment that released for Microsoft windows and I am providing all shooting installment nowadays because these installments have full searches and this installment plays on many countries. This is the cover photo of IGI 4 game free download for PC full version windows XP and you can play it on this operating system.

two guys are killing a single enemeis

This installment also supports double-players and there are also two players because two guys are pointed guns on their enemies. The weather is very well there because this area included high mountains. They are firing on their enemies again and again because they want to pass this stage and if they will kill them so, they can pass this stage of project IGI 4 game free download full version for PC.

Moving to a mirror

This is another screen shot of the same installment and you can see that this guy is moving there with silently because he doesn’t want to give them hint that there is someone and when he will enter inside above room, then he will kill all his enemies and will be brought to new stage. This is not a latest installment of the series, but this is also an amazing product of the series and IGI 5 game free download full version for PC is the next product of the series.

Using fly ballon

That’s also the screen shot of this installment and don’t think that this is a fake image because this gut is using a special thing to fly in the air and you will also face this stage, when you will play it on your computer. You can get project IGI 3 game free download full version for PC from this web. He is on the way of mountains and he has a gun as well and this is really awesome gun because you can use it every place.

System requirements

Pentium 4
Ram = 512 MB
Graphics Card = 128 MB
Wiindows XP, Vista, Windows 7+Windows 8 and 8.1 (32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11
Hard Disk Space = 2 GB

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