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Moto racer is a bike racing installment that released for Microsoft windows. This is my favorite version ever because I have played it and this installment was developed and published by EA (Electronic Arts). You can play moto race 1 game free download online and this is really an amazing bike racing version because I have many racing installment, but this better than all others.

got first position

 That’s the end of the stage and the user has got first position out of 11 members and this race included 4 laps and you can select many laps inside this version. This the best moment of moto racer game free download full version because when you get first position, then you feel very good because it is not possible to get 1st position for a newbie so, if you got first position, then you has done an outstanding works. You can get more information related to this installment and I am providing you the best link where you can get all information about this installment so, just click here.

Starting Of the race
You can see a beautiful map this screen shot of moto racer game free download full version for PC and you can also run it PlayStation device as well. This installment will just include all sports bikes so, you will not any simple bike inside this version. You can see that the user’s bike is moving on twenty-two position so, this is not a good rider and thirty seconds are remaining and it is also possible that this is the starting of the stage so, the user has not got some special position inside this race because thirty seconds are still remaining.

Ending of the lap
That’s the finishing place of that race and you can see an arrow that is showing the correct position of the ending of the level and twenty-three are still remaining and the user is moving on second position and this is good for it. You can play it on many products of Microsoft windows, but moto racer game free download for windows XP is the best way to enjoy it and you will need to select 16-bit resolution or size to enjoy it on Windows XP.

System requirements

Pentium 2
Ram = 128 MB
Windows XP (16-Bit colours)
Graphics Card = 4 MB
Hard Disk Space = 50 MB
Direct X 11

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