Download God of War 1 Game For PC

Cover Screen

Have you ever seen such person who easily enters inside the mouths of big giants like ghosts and monsters. If no, then the days of not seeing this opportunity is coming on your door. In this post we are going to give you an excellent and a horror video installment that is very dangerous and horror. This version is named as God of War 1 a very dangerous and horror video game released only in Play Station 2. This installment is only released in Play Station 2 not PC, but in this post we will also teach you how you can play this game on your PC easily without using any software. This is how you can download god of war 1 game for PC from DownloadPCGames25 blog, a hub to download free PC games full version and free no cost at all.

God of War 1 PC Game Download Screenshots

Swords Fight

Character name who is beating enemy name is Kratos, he is the main character inside this game and he is holding some dangerous swords in his hands. These swords are very dangerous and are attached with a rope so that he can easily throw swords by standing from far distance.

This is the beginning when the game starts, these monsters are about to kill Kratos, but he has to save himself by using his swords.

System Requirements

Intel Core 2 Duo
Ram = 1 GB
Graphics Card = 128 MB
Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
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