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Lucius 2 is a horror free version that released for Microsoft windows, but you can also play Download Lucius 2 game for PC on PlayStation 2. There are many installments of this series, but this is really amazing because it is totally dependent on fighting and killing. This game was published by Lace Mamba Global Studios and developed by Shiver Games. This is a torrent file so, your computer must have torrent software. The Prophecy is also the part of the title of this version.

Screen shots of Lucius 2 game

Killing people

 You can see a hospital inside above screen shot of Lucius PC game free download. The whole room is filled of blood because it is totally horror version. It works on Windows XP and windows 7 as well.

Talking to each other

 Now I want to tell you the story of download Lucius PC completo, which is that there is a boy, which is 6 or 7 years old and his mom and dad are killed by these enemies and now he wants to kill all these vampires, which are the killer of his parents.

You can see a vampire who is really in critical condition, but our player will kill him as well because he is also responsible of his parents. You can use any many guns inside it because you can kill them with the help of guns. The blood is coming like water from his face because when the bullet hit on vampire’s face, then he kills. You can also play this on Xbox and android sets.

Lucius PC game system requirements

Core 2 Duo
Ram = 1 GB minimum
Graphics Card = 256 MB minimum
Hard Disk Space = 10 GB
Windows 7, Windows 8+8.1
DirectX 11



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