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F1 2013 is a car racing installment that released for Microsoft windows. The full name of Download F1 2013 game for PC full version is formula 1 version. You can get this product from this web that will free as well. This installment was developed and released by codemasters. Brian Lara’s games are also published by this company.

Screen shots of Formula 1

Camear angle 1

 The racing has started and the blue one is the main player car that is driving very good and the main thing is that all the cars look sports cars. There are many colors of car, but the red color in F1 2013 PC game free download is really awesome and it is my best color as well.

Camera angle two

 This screen shot also includes many cars, but the red car is used by main player and others are compete us. PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Microsoft windows are the main platforms of this installment and series as well. F1 2013 PC game download utorrent has high graphics and size as well.

Camera angle third

There are many camera’s angle and it is the most nearest angle and in this screen shot you can watch many other functions like driving speed and many other features. F1 2013 PC game wiki provides you the actual information of this version. You can also hear the noise of crowd and cars slipping and breaking as well.

F1 2013 PC game system requirements

Dual cores
Ram = 1.5 GB
Graphics Card =  512 MB
Hard Disk Space = 15 GB
Windows 7, Vista, Windows Xp, Windows 8+8.1 (32 and 64 bits)
Direct X 11

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